1 Thing Developers Must Focus More On

Developers must focus on this!

Ever since the dawn of time, our ancestors have had clean teeth for health purposes. It meant fertility for women and strong genes for men. However, recently people have been getting braces and corrective surgery for a more aesthetically pleasing teeth. If someone plans to go into Hollywood, it is an essential must.

If it is important for Hollywood, it should also be important for games. Graphics are always improving for gaming industry. With VR becoming more and more popular smaller details are being worked on. The Witcher for example was awarded for having the most bouncy natural hair in video games, why can’t there be one for teeth?


All we mostly see are blocks of white chunks and generic perfect looking teeth. It is as if everyone had dental surgery, but we all know not everyone reach perfection. There needs to characters with crooked, rabbit, broken, foul, etc teeth. The more diversity it can bring, the better!

I once had to go to the dentist, I believe he was a dentist winchester ma; link is provided if you happen to live around the area. Having it pulled out was not a fun experience, but the more I looked at myself in the mirror, I could just visualize me being a video game character. A comic relief role perhaps, but I have yet to play a single video game that had a missing tooth.

So I urge developers to look into creating some depth to video game characters. After all, small subtle details make something a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa has a mysterious air about her we all love, but we can’t pin point it. I am confident we will see more complex teeth aesthetics developed in the near future though. We are reaching near realism with every year, and with Virtual Reality taking up center stage, I can’t wait!

Study Abroad in American Culture Experience

Study Abroad in American Culture

For newly incoming international students, it’s one of the most exciting time of your life. Coming to college from a completely new culture to start your journey in a land far far away from home is both daunting and exciting. However, despite the many optimisms and eagerness you might have about studying abroad, it’s not always roses and rainbows. Sometimes you will have moments when you just want to be home with friends and family. Study abroad experience in a foreign land is always an interesting experience.

When other people are off celebrating their national holidays with their own families, you might feel left out or as if you just don’t belong. That’s why knowing how you can process these emotions is really important. Not only that, when you’re introduced to a new educational system completely different from your home, it’s difficult to navigate through the ins and outs of how to make it work. Maybe the professors are too fast for you pace, their teaching styles are completely different, and maybe you’re just feeling lost.

It’s important to know that what you’re feeling is completely normal and even non internationals go through these difficult emotions. It may be a slightly more difficult for you as you’re in a new culture, learning a new language and custom, things may take longer. However, we underestimate how adaptable we really are! You just have to be open to exploring new experiences and let your self truly immerse in the environment to make the best out of your limited time.

Whatever goals you want to achieve for the future, it’s always best to start early and knowing where you want to go in life. People change their minds often so the more things you try, the better you will be able to hone in what you are truly passionate about. Now you can choose to go at it alone and figure things out on your own without much guidance. Albeit it might take you longer and have to deal with more confusion. Or you can learn from other people who have been in different countries and who’ve shared their experience. Perhaps even consult a personal life coach. Whatever you wish to accomplish, set your mind to your goal, and you will be there!